In Print and Online

River Wye


The Garden of Persuasions, chapbook, Jacar Press 2013 (ISBN 9780989795227)

Stone, Water, Time, exhibit catalog, art by Lyric Kinard, Lyric Art Publishing, 2019 (ISBN 9781076678577)

Individual Poems

A Creek Too Small, Tar River Poetry 51.2 (2012)

An Archaeology of Now and Then, The Southern Review 48.4 (2012)

And Yet (the Vines), Adirondack Review, Spring 2021

As I Remember, The Ekphrastic Review, May 2020

Choosing a Mask, Red Fez 136 (June 2020)

Clearcut Fall, 2RiverView 24.4 (2020)

Dog Days, The Phare, November–December 2020

Dormant Season Controlled Burn, Calloway Forest, Canary 51 (Winter 2020–21)

Embroidered Field, The New England Review 32.1 (2011)

Field as Auditorium, Triggerfish Critical Review, no. 24 (2020)

I Heard Rain, in Stone, Water, Time, 2019

In a Hard Year, Winter, Red Fez 144 (February 2021)

Knit and Natter, Triggerfish Critical Review, no. 24 (2020)

Land, Triggerfish Critical Review, no. 24 (2020)

Living Is Easy, 2RiverView 24.4 (2020)

Longitude 79 Degrees West, Adirondack Review, Spring 2021

Millstones, in Stone, Water, Time, 2019

Ol Tukai, Poetry Wales 25.1 (1989)

One for Lily, in Cosmic Child, edited by Eve Olive, 2013

Passing, The New England Review 32.1 (2011)

Picking Cotton, Red Fez 144 (February 2021)

Promised Land, North Carolina Literary Review, 2021

Protestant Cemetery, The Southern Review 48.4 (2012)

Puddle, The Phare, November–December 2020

Still Life, Rhino, 2021

Stitchwork, Thrush Poetry Journal, January 2021

Study of a Woman’s Head, The Ekphrastic Review, June 2020

The Bird Called Halcyon, Missouri Review 9.3 (1986) 

The Dancer Saharet, in What Matters, edited by Richard Krawiec (Jacar Press)

The Four Corners, Missouri Review 9.3 (1986)

Tree Talk, Red Fez 136 (June 2020)

The Varos Road, The Southern Review 48.4 (2012)

Wisteria Sinensis, Floribunda, Passager, 2020

Zap, The Phare, January–February 2021

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